E-cigs, A Safer Form Of Nicotine Intake

Satisfy your cigarette cravings with E-cigarettes

As a direct consequence of excessive media coverage, many today believe that cigarette smokers are at an even greater possibility of getting cancer of the lung than the usual non smoker. Many marketing moguls have heard such concerns and have found a safer and much less toxic method for cigarette smokers to smoke through the creation of Electronic Cigarettes. Many cigarette smokers saw this as a positive change thus favourably welcoming the idea.

Compare top brand of Electric Cigarette

The Ecigs are created to imitate a real cigarette, giving those that smoke more or less nicotine dependant on preference. They aren’t medically endorsed within the uk and are also not controlled as a tobacco product. Regardless of this knowledge this doesn’t change the advertising and creation level of the product.

Compared with actual cigarettes, an Ecig is made up of four main components. Its main parts are Cartomizer, Cartridge, Atomizer and Liquid as noted directly below.

Many Cartomizers are non-reusable and describes the normal mixture off cartridge and atomizer.

The mouthpiece is made from plastic, metal and glass and that is called the cartridge.

As a way to maintain the effects of a true cigarette, the heating unit that is the Atomizer is required to vaporise the liquid creating what is known as smoke.

The choices for the Electronic-Liquid or e-juice are disposable cartridge or liquid inside a bottle. This liquid incorporates a amount of nicotine, a range of concentrated tastes and polyethylene glycol.

An entire throw away or reusable kit can be bought from a number of shops including;

Personal Vapour, ROK Electronic Cigarettes; Smoke Relief, Genesis Electronic Cigarettes, SMOKO; Intellicig and E-lites to mention a few.It is possible to grab a good deal and have around 20% off on a selection of starter packs.

The disposable packs consist of a cartridge, atomizer and battery provided all in one piece and is thrown away once the cartridge is complete.

The re-usable kits are incredibly packaged comprising USB Chargers, Cartomizers and batteries. They come in a inspiring mixture of concentrated flavours such as vanilla, apple, cherry, cool menthol, cappuccino or the plain original tobacco flavour.

While electronic cigarettes can be used as a stepping-stone to ending nicotine addiction, some vapers look at them as a way to continue a pastime they love without worrying about attendant fear of death.

That’s because although nicotine is the addictive ingredient in cigarettes most pros don’t even think it’s specially harmful. It’s the tar along with bad guys in tobacco that kill.

“Nicotine may not be dangerous, and it is highly unlikely somebody will overdose on the nicotine in ecigs by breathing the vapour.

Many appreciate the reasoning behind using a much healthier smoking solution so they continue to select the E-cig instead of the regular cigarette.

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