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Break from the norm and spend your next holidays in Bulgaria. You’ll discover a fascinating country with a rich history and strong folk culture. Friendly locals invite you to their restaurants to share their mouth watering cuisine, fiery traditional songs and dances and delicious wines. For most visitors, Bulgaria’s main lure is its long sandy coastline, with its stunning beaches and bays – but there is so much more to see

Bulgaria comprises the classical regions of Moesia, Thrace, and Macedonia. Old European culture within the territory of present-day Bulgaria started to produce golden artifacts by the fifth millennium BC.

Drier areas include Dobrudzha and the northern coastal strip, while the higher parts of the Rila and Stara Planina Mountains receive the highest levels of precipitation.

The mountainous southwest of the country has two alpine rangesĀ  Rila and Pirin and further east stand the lower but more extensive Rhodope Mountains. The Balkan Peninsula derives its name from the Balkan or Stara Planina mountain-range, which runs through the centre of Bulgaria and extends into eastern Serbia.

Summer resorts exist on the Black Sea at Sozopol, Nessebur, Golden Sands, Sunny Beach, Sveti Vlas, Albena, Saints Constantine and Helena and many others. Spectacular mountains occupy half the country’s territory and the swathe of golden beaches along the 370km- (232-mile-) long Black Sea bring in hordes of tourists from around the world. The Vacha Dam in the Rhodope MountainsBulgaria has a dense network of about 540 rivers,[5] but with the notable exception of the Danube, most have short lengths and low water-level. The ski-resorts have become a favourite destination for British and Irish tourists.

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